Core to everything we do is getting the right mix of talent, such as

    Ex-Vendor auditors | Industry Leading licensing experts, | Certified Technical Masters | Award winning asset managers | Seasoned commercial specialists

This along with our true independence from the software publishers allows us to provide you with clear, pragmatic and impartial advice.

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Government Sector

Synyega is proud to be an approved and trusted supplier to Government organisations and we are passionate about maximising value for taxpayers.

Our consultants have negotiated some of the world’s largest public sector software agreements, including some of the world’s first large scale pan-Government Tier1 software agreements.”

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Cost optimisation

Synyega worked collaboratively with a national government to develop a structured estate optimisation programme to cover many individual departments and agencies. The resultant optimisation delivered the national government £46m in cost savings.

Cloud Optimisation

As part one the UK’s largest datacentre migrations, Synyega worked with a central government department to challenge and optimise proposed technical designs and licensing arrangements. In just one example our review process allowed the client to avoid £1.5m in unnecessary licensing costs and £300k in support costs.

Clarity on Virtualisation

Prior to upgrading VMWare a government department requested advice on the proposed upgrade. The collaboration with Synyega allowed the organisation to avoid up to £27m in future spend. A subsequent engagement also delivering a cost saving of £100k in annual support costs.

National Government

Our consultants have had the rare opportunity to work with a number of national governments to help structure and build national strategies for software with prior engagements delivering up to £300m in independently audited cost savings.

Expert Procurement Support

Assisting with a major software procurement exercise, Synyega was able to allocate a mixture of technical and licensing expertise along with commercial consultancy to help reduce the cost of new software procurement for a central government department by £3m in year 1 with an associated annual cost avoidance of £600k

Reseller Sense Check

Engaged to review and cost optimise licensing arrangements for a Government Department following a licensing engagement from a reseller. The Synyega engagement resulted in a 15% reduction in support costs beyond the reseller position

National Government Strategy

Following the successful negotiation of numerous Pan Government software deals, Synyega was asked by one of the world’s largest Governments to provide guidance on structuring and negotiation at a national government level for one of the world’s highest software spends.

Compression and Convergence

Synyega provided technical guidance and support to consolidate and compress software deployments for a central government department. This provided the opportunity to significantly reduce support costs for the department, with the engagement saving £1.2m in the first year.

Post Unlimited Agreement

Synyega worked with a government organisation to help develop its licensing strategy for a specific vendor following ULA certification. Synyega was able to work collaboratively with commercial and technical staff within the organisation to develop a strategy that would result in an initial 50% reduction in support costs. With a subsequent engagement pushing this to an 80% reduction in support costs.

Disaggregation of Oracle ULA

Synyega conducted a large-scale review of commercial arrangements for a European Government covering 50+ individual organisations, providing advice on commercial disaggregation of an ULA agreement resulting in a 20% reduction in support costs.

Virtualisation Expertise

Synyega was asked to provide licensing expertise to support a local government organisation who was considering plans for virtualisation. The engagement allowed the council to avoid costs of £1.2m

Data Centre Firepower

Synyega worked with a global bank to conduct an estate wide software review for a single vendor. Synyega’s ex-vendor audit specialists delivered a detailed view of the estate for the first time and commercial insight. A subsequent detailed VFM assessment of commercial agreements was conducted that delivered a £37m saving over 5 years on proposed software procurement plans.

Licensing and Procurement

Synyega provided licensing support as well as specialist software procurement and negotiation guidance to a UK based financial services company. The engagement delivered £400k in cost savings across multiple vendors.

Software Cost Optimisation

A multi-discipline Synyega team worked with a UK bank to optimise software costs on an annual basis. The work has so far contributed over £4m in budgetary cost reductions over the last 2 years.

Cloud Guidance and support

As part of a cloud and datacentre migration programme for a global financial institution, Synyega was asked to provide guidance on how to most effectively manage and optimise software costs. This allowed the organisation to avoid common pitfalls associated with licensing and datacentre migration ensuring program and cost efficiency.

Rapid Clarity

Synyega working closely with a financial institution to deliver trusted licensing positions for a list of 30 key vendors within 12 weeks. Delivered ahead of schedule and with potential for £10m in cost avoidance and £1m in cost savings. The work provided a solid foundation for our client to develop an optimal future datacentre strategy.

Practical ITAM

Building our solid delivery on a wide-ranging licence optimisation engagement
Synyega was subsequently asked to help gain leadership support for Implementing best practice IT
Asset Management policy for banking institution.

Financial Services

The regulatory demands around effective management of assets mean that Synyega’s unique skills and
integrity are also valued by some of the world’s largest financial services organisations.

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Commercial Industry

Our independent trusted advice along with our enviable track record of delivering significant cost savings means that we have clients from across many different commercial industries

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Audit Defence

Synyega was asked to provide an Audit Defence for international construction company, our consultants successfully challenged and overturned the findings from a top 4 consultancy group who was administering the audit. The audit was amicably resolved with the client reducing the final settlement by £500k.

Enterprise Agreement

Synyega consultants provided specialist procurement and licensing support to an international law firm. The engagement maximised the value from the client’s existing investments in software and reduced the requirement for new software. The engagement reduced the cost of the proposed enterprise agreement by £1.3m.

Practical ITAM

Synyega worked collaboratively with a UK utility company to help define and embed an effective asset management policy and processes within the organisation.

Technical Insight

Synyega was asked by a UK property company to review a technical proposal for virtualisation. Synyega not only modelled the licensing implications but also provided guidance on opportunities to optimise the solution.

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