Gain control of your Oracle estate and save money

CASE STUDY: How Synyega identified £1m in cost savings across a disparate and complex Oracle licensing estate.

“Synyega’s work provided us with crystal clear insight into our Oracle estate. With their expert help, we were able to take simple steps to reduce costs and optimise our existing agreements.”

Client Sector: Government

Cost saving: £1m (Tangible) / £4.8m (Avoidance)

Overview: Synyega was brought on board to review the client’s Oracle deployment with the goal of providing them with clearer visibility of their Oracle estate, in particular their use of enterprise management packs and options.

By using our Review and Optimise service, we mapped the clients complex estate and identified areas of risk and cost optimisation opportunities which could be pivotal in reducing their annual support costs by £1m.

Challenge: Due to a recent merger, the organisation had a complex structure with the client holding multiple licensing agreements. The Oracle programs themselves were managed by multiple third-party System Integrators.

This complex structure posed challenges around the best way to report usage and entitlement. Moreover, the differing System Integrators also had different usage reporting mechanisms. The client only had a view of the licence entitlement from the perspective of the pre-merger entities.

To overcome these challenges, and to provide the client with a comprehensive overview, Synyega recognised that the licence entitlement would need to be applied across the organisation as a single entity rather than as a siloed approach. Subsequently, we identified that it was necessary to apply the consolidated licence grant holistically rather than on an application by application basis to ensure maximum licence efficiencies.

Solution: Synyega provided the client with a consolidated view of their various licence quantities and metrics from the Ordering Documents that could be applied holistically, providing them with a better overview and understanding of their current estate.

We implemented a bespoke reporting template to house the disparate data from the different System Integrators, ensuring that the relevant usage was calculated and visible. The associated output from technical measurements was also appended to the dataset, and any identified configuration queries addressed.

Within the report, the usage data and entitlement data were also consolidated, providing a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s Oracle estate.

Results: From the work undertaken by Synyega to reconcile the various data into an accessible and easily digestible format, it became simple to identify and allocate a financial cost to potential risk areas.

Following this, our team was able to advise how best to confirm and subsequently mitigate the areas of concern in the most timely and cost-effective way.  This resulted in the avoidance of £4.8m in unnecessary licensing costs.

The review also identified five individual opportunities to reduce Oracle support costs by identifying licences that were no longer required and could be cancelled, providing £1m in cost savings.

In addition, the review highlighted potential spare licences that could be leveraged to support future cloud migration and digital transformation objectives.

The information was also used to accurately map the differing versions across the estate informing upgrade plans and extended supported requirements.

By providing the client with a detailed overview of their estate, we were able to identify areas of opportunity that ultimately streamlined their existing licenses and provided cost-savings in both the short and long term, as well as identifying and advising on potential areas of risk.

Our client said:

“Synyega’s work provided us with crystal clear insight into our Oracle estate. With their expert help, we were able to take simple steps to reduce costs and optimise our existing agreements. They were professional, efficient and have provided our organisation with long term benefits when it comes to optimising our Oracle licensing agreements. Managing our Oracle licences will be so much easier”

With our unique mix of technical and commercial skills, our team have successfully helped deliver over £700m in savings to the world’s largest organisations. Key to this process is Synyega’s unique licensing methodology that models the licensing and financial implications of software as it moves through different deployments states as part of any cloud/ datacentre migration.

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