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Why It Works

Synyega’s award winning staff are passionate about ensuring client’s maximise the benefits of your software assets.  Our enviable track record of savings for our client’s demonstrates that our approach works.

It works because Synyega brings to each and every engagement a unique mix of high end technical and commercial expertise.  This along with our true independence from the software publishers allows us to provide our client’s with clear, simple, understandable and impartial advice.

It works because our collaborative approach means we are on the client’s team. From providing advice and acting as a sounding board for our clients, to creating commercial strategies for engaging with software providers and sometimes sitting at the table and leading negotiations for our clients.

We never try to sell you software or take money from the software publishers. Synyega believe you should be able to do more with the assets you already own.

It works because we make software licensing easy.


Engagements: £500m in client savings so far…

Global Banking Corporation: Delivered £51m cost saving, winning corporate award for outstanding achievement

Pan Government Software Deal (Europe): Successful negotiation of £1bn deal with major US Vendor

Global Pharmaceutical Corporation: successful audit defence reducing settlement by £17m

UK Public Sector Organisation: successful audit defence reducing settlement by £22m