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Broadcom & VMware: Navigating the new era

Broadcom have made several changes to the VMware across licenses, partners, and negotiation, causing concern and issues for every customer.

WEBINAR : 16th JULY 14:00 UK Time

Understanding how these will impact you - and what you can do about that - is a top priority for many businesses right now.

In this webinar we will do 2 things:

Provide an overview of the changes and their impacts on customers
Highlight and explore possible solutions and next steps

Whether you stay with VMware or move to an alternative, we'll look at what's needed to take control of the situation and achieve the result that's best for you.

Who should attend

The vast majority of organisations have built their virtual infrastructure on VMware - and almost every one of those will be impacted by price increases, technological changes, or both!
Whether you're in ITAM, procurement, infrastructure, or finance - or an executive focused on those areas - this webinar will get you up to speed and ready for the future.

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