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SynyegaTV Launches: A New Channel Dedicated to ITAM, FinOps, and GreenOps

Warrington, UK – 14th June 2024. Today marks a significant milestone in Synyega’s journey with the launch of SynegaTV, a groundbreaking new channel that will provide in-depth news, analysis, and insights on IT Asset Management (ITAM), FinOps and Cloud GreenOps.

Our aim is to make SynyegaTV the go-to source for professionals and organisations seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscapes of IT management, cloud strategy, and sustainable business practices. The channel will feature a diverse range of programming, including expert interviews, panel discussions, case studies, and live coverage of industry events, next week our team will be coming live from Wisdom EMEA in London, UK and FinOps X in San Diego, USA.

Our team of renowned experts will be covering all the latest trends, news and analysis from the converging worlds of ITAM, FinOps and GreenOps. SynyegaTV now available on the YouTube platform, via www.synyega.tv. Highlights of SynyegaTV's Offerings:

  • Comprehensive ITAM Coverage: Our expert team that includes recent joiner Rich Gibbons, will delve into best practices for managing IT assets, optimising software costs, and mitigating related risks. Features will include expert advice on topics that will include software asset management, tooling, and compliance strategies.
  • In-Depth FinOps Analysis: Stephen Old will providing viewers with the latest trends and techniques in cloud optimisation and management. Topics will range from cloud cost management and budgeting to financial governance and performance, to practical advice on building a successful culture of continuous improvement.
  • GreenOps Insights: Stephen and team will also focusing on building sustainable operations in practice, SynyegaTV will showcase innovative approaches to reducing carbon footprints, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting environmental best practice and reporting.

Quote from Synyega’s owner and CEO Tony Crawley:

“We are thrilled to introduce SynyegaTV to the world. As organisations are increasingly challenged by modernising their complex IT estates, financial pressures, and meeting sustainability targets, there is a growing demand for specialised knowledge in these areas. SynyegaTV is dedicated to empowering IT professionals with the information and tools they need to excel and make impactful decisions.”

As well as our own experts, SynyegaTV will also feature industry experts, and thought leaders who bring unparalleled expertise and passion to their fields. The channel’s content is designed to be accessible to a wide audience, from seasoned professionals to newcomers in the industry.

For more information, visit www.synyega.tv or follow us on YouTube @SynyegaTV.


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