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Chloe is going to Uni

CHLOE is the 7th member of the Synyega team and we definitely couldn’t do our job as effectively without her help. Chloe is our Cloud License Optimisation Engine, developed over the last 5 years in real world situations whilst working to model and migrate some of the EU and US’s largest cloud migration programs.

As IT change accelerates the value in static ELPs/ managed service declines more and more rapidly towards almost immediate obsolescence. We saw more value in modelling the cost implications of the organisations future IT Strategy.

Chloe enables us to be able to give our clients foresight, so allowing costly mistakes to be eliminated before they occur and ensure a cost optimal software estate. We’ve been using this service with our clients from over 2 years, but the fantastic news is that we’re now enhancing those capabilities.

Over the next 12 months we’re partnering with a University to help further enhance Chloes modelling capabilities, improving the forecasting, the output MI, adding AI or Machine learning capability. Chloe has always been a great service, but after she’s gone to University it’s going to be even better!

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