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FinOps is a rapidly growing practice that organisations are quickly realising they need. As their cloud spend grows and commonly exceeds forecasts, organisations are turning to FinOps to provide control and accountability.

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Synyega helps clients to understand their current level of FinOps maturity, our services are designed to develop their capabilities, so they can effectively manage their cloud investments across hosted private clouds, public cloud services from leading hyperscalers and hosted data centres services, through the adoption of FinOps best practice. We specialise in FinOps cultural transformation and cost optimisation support, as well as being one of the few Certified FinOps Training partners on the market.

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FinOps helps organisations drive the best value from the cloud. To support them, Synyega offer a variety of services:

  • FinOps Maturity Assessment

  • FinOps Training Delivery

  • FinOps Healthcheck and cost optimisation

  • Cost Conscious Architecture

  • FinOps Roadmap Accelerator

  • FinOps Advisory

  • Embedded FinOps

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  • Clarity on present position

  • Identify & mitigate waste

  • Delivers defined outcomes fast

  • Achieve quicker ROI

  • Understand & review tooling

  • Develop your maturity

  • Creates a culture of accountability

  • Access to Certified FinOps expertise

  • On-site or virtual support

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Synyega are active members of the FinOps Foundation and are helping to shape and promote FinOps best practice. Our services and team of FinOps experts are certified to the highest levels with the Foundation.

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  • Discover

    Understand FinOps maturity & cloud consumption

  • Optimise

    Reduce cloud expenditure & related carbon

  • Manage

    Achieve a culture of accountability and continuous improvement

A roadmap to success

FinOps is a fast moving practice that is also new to many, without a clear roadmap and continuous improvement framework many organisations struggle to achieve expected returns. In fact, FinOps assessments have recently been added to the FinOps Foundation Framework due to the challenge this brings.

Knowing where to start or even where to go next can be very challenging. As such it’s imperative to get an independent view from an experienced organisation on where the current FinOps practice sits in terms of maturity and how to proceed to make the most out of investments in this space.

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“We went from being sufficiently licenced to efficiently licenced, saving millions of pounds.”
Head of Licensing, Financial Services

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