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ILMT Health Check

Ensure that your ILMT implementation is accurate, optimal and compliant to sub-cap rules

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If you are found to be running a non-compliant ILMT you may not be eligible to use subcapacity licensing rules, this can have a punishing effect on budgets as penalties from IBM can be severe.

Avoid all possible headaches with our ILMT Health check which delivers a 3 stage comprehensive assessment and report.

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Our pre-engagement document gives you a check list of activities to ensure a successful engagement.

We then conduct a 4 part health check inc. data quality assessment and ongoing management. The final part is a presentation to stakeholders.

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Once completed, you are sure of compliance, have a roadmap to an optimal implementation. Maintain Subcapacity licensing terms.

Synyega experts can also help you with ILMT implementation and managed service support.

  • Expert Assessment

    Technicians will review your implementation for compliance to IBM terms and assess data quality

  • Remedy issues

    Understand ILMT problem areas and how to remediate them

  • Maintain

    Establish a process to maintain compliance and data quality over the long term

Long term support

As well as a Health check, Synyega also supports our clients with an ILMT managed service. Our technicians engage every quarter and ensure ILMT is compliant and up to date.

Our technicians are also here to support you with ILMT implementations and upgrades.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Prepare and Accelerate
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“We went from being sufficiently licenced to efficiently licenced, saving millions of pounds.”
Head of Licensing, Financial Services

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