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Competition to attract and hire the very best candidates in ITAM and FinOps is fierce, driving up costs and making staff retention harder than ever. Investing in your team and up-skilling them as part of a professional development programme can make all the difference, and as FinOps, ITAM and GreenOps converge your existing team will need a wider set of capabilities and knowledge moving forward. Synyega’s Training services are the answer.

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Organisations often face challenges when building a successful FinOps, ITAM or GreenOps team: hiring the best talent with the right certifications and knowledge can be expensive and time-consuming; competition can be fierce; etc.

Developing a new team in-house and getting it up to speed can also be a challenging and slow process. Synyega makes it easy. We can enrich your existing team with training and accreditations that empower your internal function and drive your maturity to the next level.

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As a FinOps certified Training Provider with the FinOps Foundation, Synyega offer training delivered by certified experts with extensive industry knowledge. Course materials, examination and fees included.

  • FinOps Foundation exam entry and one year access to materials

  • Courses delivered by FinOps Foundation Certified Training Instructors

  • Optional in-person or on-site training delivery for UK institutions

  • Delivery of bespoke organisation focussed training presentations and course materials.

  • Custom built extension modules including Cloud, GreenOps and ITAM.

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  • Develop your team’s capabilities fast

  • Get team members certified fast

  • Reduce time to value & outcomes

  • Support team progression & development

  • Save significant recruitment costs

  • Industry recognised certifications

  • Supports retention & wellbeing

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Synyega are active members of the FinOps Foundation and are helping to shape and promote FinOps best practice. Our services and team of FinOps experts are certified to the highest levels with the Foundation.

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  • Reduce Hiring Costs

    Develop in-house teams saving on hiring costs

  • Cross Skilling

    Up-skill teams across ITAM, FinOps & GreenOps

  • Certifications

    Teams will attain recognised professional certifications

Empower your FinOps stakeholders

Our comprehensive range of FinOps services are certified by the FinOps Foundation. As a certified Services Provider and Training Provider, our team includes FinOps Professionals, Engineers, Training Instructors and Practitioners. Our experts empower our clients to discover, optimise & manage their cloud and software investments through our multi award-winning services. Helping to drive a FinOps culture across your organisation.

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“We went from being sufficiently licenced to efficiently licenced, saving millions of pounds.”
Head of Licensing, Financial Services

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