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GreenOps Services

Sustainability is becoming a more pressing concern for the leadership of organisations around the world, but also for many individuals, including your customers.

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Cloud GreenOps is a specialist area of sustainability that helps organisations to understand and reduce the carbon footprint of their cloud infrastructure.

Synyega specialise in GreenOps cultural transformation as well as cloud carbon reduction support, working with industry leading tooling to help organisations make the right decisions.

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GreenOps helps organisations make the right choices when it comes to CO2E emissions from the cloud estate. Helping tackle some of the challenging questions around cost vs carbon, as well as where should a workload sit for the most environmentally friendly end result.

Services available:

  • GreenOps Maturity Assessment

  • GreenOps Training Delivery

  • GreenOps Healthcheck and carbon optimisation

  • GreenOps Advisory

  • Carbon Conscious Architecture

  • Embedded GreenOps

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  • Clarity on present carbon position

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Be aligned to Carbon Reporting ahead of time

  • Identify & mitigate wastage

  • Understand & review tooling

  • Access to GreenOps expertise

  • On-site or virtual support

  • Discover

    Understand your cloud’s carbon footprint

  • Optimise

    Reduce your cloud emissions

  • Manage

    Reporting & benchmarking to track your journey

Accelerate your GreenOps journey

Our GreenOps Healthcheck is a deep dive review of Cloud GreenOps and Sustainability in your organisation, to help identify carbon reduction opportunities and includes carbon conscious architectural reviews. Our service kicks off with a series of workshops around process and the development of GreenOps within your organisation.

Your organisation will also understand how to deliver ongoing benchmarking to track its GreenOps position for its cloud estate and how this changes over time, giving direct feedback on how your carbon footprint in the cloud is impacted by decisions taken.

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“We went from being sufficiently licenced to efficiently licenced, saving millions of pounds.”
Head of Licensing, Financial Services

Find out more… Bring your team up to speed with our specialist GreenOps Training.

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