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Fresh branding, fresh website, fresh services

Following 6 record breaking years and hundreds of millions of pounds saved for clients, Synyega have recently refreshed their communications with a brand and website update inspired by the natural origins of their name.

Originally inspired by a body of water which is the only source in otherwise challenging arid environment, Synyega reflects this aspect in business by providing clear and refreshing information you can rely on in an otherwise unreliable and hostile sector.

The goal is to give independent advice and specialist support to companies looking into cloud migration or to effectively manage their current software estate.

When a company is looking to migrate to the Cloud, they can feel on the back foot as the vendor appears to hold all the cards, and can speak the language of licensing fluently. This is where you need someone who can give you the independent advice that’s best for your business and where you want to go.

Map, Model, Migrate & Meet Chloe

Synyega have also unveiled their revised processes on licensing with their easy to follow 3M methodology. This is powered by CHLOE (Synyegas Cloud Licence Optimisation Engine) and addresses the new reality of software estates in continual flux

  • MAP – Gain a forensic understanding of your software estate to support future transformation
  • MODEL – Our optimisation engine will help you understand the implications of future changes and ensure a cost optimal end state
  • MIGRATE – Track the journey and manage your software costs and contracts as the estate transforms


We’ll help you attain the best solution that ensures the best value outcome.

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