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Identifying What Software Programs Are Actually in the Estate

Determining the software programs present in your estate requires a meticulous and comprehensive inventory process.

However, establishing this inventory is challenging and requires significant effort from all business areas. Some of the most common challenges include:

Shadow IT – The “Phantom” Challenge

One of the most elusive and difficult-to-define hurdles in discovering software deployment lies in the prevalence of Shadow IT. Employees, driven by the need for autonomy and efficiency, often install software without official IT approval. These shadow applications often escape the view of traditional discovery methods, especially manual data collection techniques, creating blind spots and leaving organisations unaware of their actual software deployment. This leads to compliance issues, potential cost implications, and security vulnerabilities on an unknown scale.

Diverse Application Ecosystems

Modern IT estates are characterized by a catalog of diverse applications, each with unique nuances around deployment. From cloud-based solutions to on-premises software, navigating this ecosystem requires expertise to understand. The challenge lies in developing a discovery strategy accommodating the wide range of deployment models and technologies.

Lack of Standardisation in Deployment Practices

The absence of standardised deployment practices poses a significant hurdle in the discovery process. Different teams or departments within an organisation may adopt varied deployment methods, making establishing a cohesive and consistent approach to software discovery challenging. This lack of standardisation results in an incomplete, fragmented view of software deployment.

Incomplete Documentation and Version Control

Accurate discovery relies on detailed documentation and version control. However, maintaining up-to-date and comprehensive records is easier said than done. Incomplete or outdated documentation can lead to discrepancies in understanding software deployment, causing organisations to miss critical details about versions, updates, and patches.

Remote and Mobile Work Environments

The rise of remote and mobile work has introduced additional complexity to software discovery. With employees accessing applications from various locations and devices, traditional discovery methods have struggled to keep up. Organisations must adapt their strategies to account for the dynamic nature of remote work environments, ensuring that every software deployment is accounted for.

License Management Challenges

Effective software deployment discovery involves identifying where software is installed and ensuring compliance with licensing agreements. The complex software licensing landscape adds another layer of difficulty with its various models and terms. Organisations must navigate this intricacy to avoid legal issues and financial penalties associated with non-compliance.

Integration Issues with Discovery Tools

While many organisations invest in discovery tools to automate the process, integration issues can hinder their effectiveness. Incompatibility with certain systems or applications may result in gaps in the discovery process. Overcoming these integration challenges is crucial for a holistic view of software deployment in the IT estate.

As we can see, the challenges of discovering software programs within a business estate emphasises the need for a proactive and comprehensive inventory strategy. Centralised inventory management, proactive documentation practices, and leveraging technology solutions are paramount in overcoming these hurdles. By addressing these challenges head-on, organisations can better understand their software landscape, optimise resource allocation, enhance security, and position themselves for more effective and informed decision-making.


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