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So how do you persuade someone to advocate for ITAM?

To persuade someone to advocate for ITAM, you need to emphasise the substantial advantages it offers. Begin by showcasing the potential cost savings, risk reduction and efficiency improvements that come with effective ITAM.

Explain that a comprehensive review of your software licensing estate allows for cost optimisation and better negotiation with software publishers. By ensuring that you're effectively licensed, you can effectively manage and forecast the IT software spend on the estate.

Understanding your estate supports the go forward software requirements and improve operational efficiency. The IT Asset data captured as part of an ITAM process supports new enterprise architecture projects, commercial discussions for new software procurements, and provides a level of internal expertise and software governance.

Highlight the role of ITAM in compliance and risk management, by proactively identifying and mitigating risk it reduces the chances of costly audits and legal penalties. This can be a critical aspect for avoiding unexpected financial hits and maintaining the company's reputation.

Lastly, appeal to their sense of influence within the organisation. Explain that being an advocate for ITAM positions them as a proactive problem solver, capable of driving financial and environmental improvements. By framing it as a strategic move, you can encourage them to lead the charge down the ITAM rabbit hole, gaining the support of decision makers in the process.


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