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Thriving throughout 2021

Synyega are going from strength to strength with specialists now across all major vendors

Synyega have continued to expand throughout the last year, and our most recent addition is Holly Mascard (seen here with Microsoft expert and colleague Ben Lukey on a recent team night out).

Holly is a licensing consultant who specialises in IBM and previously worked in managed services. She will be forming a key part in the expansion of our Dynamic SAM service ongoing.

With her expertise in IBM she will also be working with clients to ensure that their ILMT implementation is accurate, optimal and compliant to sub-cap rules.

Holly’s skillset means that we now have specialists in all of the largest vendors, many of whom are ex-vendor employees. This means that we can give you advice that is just as knowledgeable as the vendor would give, but with recommendations for an outcome to suit you and not the vendor. Truly independent advice from experts.


We’ll help you attain the best solution that ensures the best value outcome.

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