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We’re delighted to report that we have been voted as Managed Services Provider of the year by all our lovely clients at the recent SDC Awards.

The award is in recognition of our unique Dynamic SAM 3M methodology which has been developed over the last 4 years working on the some of worlds largest cloud migration and transformation programme.

We have found that other Software Asset Management consultancies or SAM Managed Service providers only provide a point in time or snapshot of their licence estate. A static picture that rapidly degrades in value from the moment it is created.

The reason that we have won this award by public vote is that we work differently. We are the first to focus the managed service on future direction and technologies, providing our clients with insight into how their planned transformations will impact costs. Creating the opportunity to ensure the direction of travel is cost optimal for the organisation.

Our modelling engine alongside our licensing expertise allows the organisation to tune their designs and strategies to ensure a cost optimal end state. Removing costly design mis-steps before they ever happen – we allow you to plot the future implications of your decisions and see how they work together.

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