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How to license your Virtual Desktop applications and environment in the cloud or on premises?

Licensing considerations you need to be aware of when your organisation uses Citrix or other virtual desktop platforms.

In this white paper we examine how to license applications on your Virtual Desktop environment in the cloud or on premise. We do this by a methodical approach into firstly what needs considering for licensing and how you accomplish that.

We start with the 4 things that need to be licensed when considering the Virtual Desktop environment:

1: The compute

2: The technology delivering the virtual desktop and virtual apps to a user’s desktop

3: Licensing the utilised Windows Server published resource

4: The software that is running on the Virtual Desktop platform

We then review how you fully license those by examining each one in isolation and detailing what that really means.

Finally we give you your next steps for accomplishing your various goals as well as outlining key takeaways.


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