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How Synyega helped a client exit from 2 costly Oracle ULAs and achieve $33 million in software cost savings.

Our ex-Oracle auditors reviewed the Oracle ULAs and created a detailed step by step exit strategy that delivered significant savings and supported their cloud migration plans.


Synyega were asked to provide expert insight in Oracle contracts and usage within the organisation and advise on strategies to reduce costs. No easy task as the ULAs contained varied (but interrelated) product sets and were set to terminate on different dates.


Review & Optimise




$33 Million




Despite a very short timeline for engagement our ex-Oracle auditors were able to quickly access the required data from the organisation and systematically layer and verify this information. This enabled our team to model 3 distinct options for the customer and provide clear next steps that helped to deliver a $33m saving and support this client with their cloud migration ambitions.

We approached Synyega as we needed specialist help to extract us from the onerous ULAs we were trapped into. They helped us to identify the next steps to save money ongoing with our software by advising us on what we needed and more importantly didn’t need.
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Best way forward

ULAs are often more restrictive than you think and don’t always deliver value for money. With our independent advice you can be sure that you will make the best decision about renewing or exiting your ULA.


in cost savings


cost of unused software

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Our cloud and datacentre migrations experts also ensured that the exit plan was optimised for the organisations cloud migration and transformation strategy

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