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How Synyega identified £6.5m cost optimisation opportunities for a Government organisation.

How to save money on Microsoft Licensing Agreements


The Government agency had a complex history of numerous Microsoft agreements compounded by a recent merging of multiple agencies. The agency was also preparing for a digital transformation program and cloud migration. The agency asked Synyega to to help them prepare for the upcoming expiry of the current agreement, support with preparing the new Microsoft agreement and to identify any opportunities to reduce software costs.


Review & Optimise




£6.5 million




We produced a detailed map of the existing software estate and how this meshed with the clients licensing grant. Identifying any errors or omissions within the agencies MLS (Microsoft Licensing Statement). Our forensic mapping of the Microsoft estate was then used to structure the next Microsoft agreement, delivering significant savings and ensuring the agencys agreement fitted their future objectives.

Synyega’s work was pivotal in helping us streamline our licensing agreements and identify some key cost-saving opportunities prior to our renewal. We now have an accurate understanding of our Microsoft agreements and estate that we can take forward
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