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Our client is a rapidly growing startup in the social care sector operating across the UK, offering invaluable services to families and some of the country’s most vulnerable individuals. The client’s IT is built almost entirely on the AWS cloud, further supported by various SaaS providers to meet their wider business requirements. We were engaged to specifically review their FinOps maturity and help optimise the client’s AWS environment, as their existing AWS credits were coming to an end.




Social Care Services






Synyega’s team of certified FinOps experts initially delivered a full FinOps Maturity Assessment that reviewed the client operation across the four domains specified in the FinOps Foundation framework and across all 22 capabilities.

During the initial phases of the service our team engaged in the knowledge gathering process with the Head of Engineering, Data teams and Finance teams, reviewing each capability through a detailed questionnaire to understand where they actually were at that point in time. Our FinOps experts also provided clear guidance on how to optimise the current estate to make sure the available credits lasted as long as possible, and more importantly how the client’s team should build optimisation into their standard processes, especially into their engineering working practices.

The impact of our FinOps service has been felt across their organisation. Our team ensured the client extended use of their available credits to the end of the term, more importantly, that when the client needed to start paying for the AWS usage they were only going to be paying for an optimal infrastructure.

Synyega's dual understanding of DevOps and FinOps allowed us to have open, transparent, technical discussions about our cloud usage and delve into our complex challenges we face as a fast growing start up. They gave us expert, achievable advice on how to develop our FinOps practices while never impeding our speed and quality that we need to keep supporting our customers.
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