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How Synyega helped save ongoing costs and avoid a costly audit

Review of Oracle & Hyperion


Synyega were employed to conduct a review of licensing deployments for this client to identify financial risks, recommend licence optimisations and reduce costs. There were various parts of the puzzle to piece together as the client had Oracle and Hyperion software running. The review collected audit logs and used Oracle’s auditing methodology to interpret findings.


Review & Optimise






Oracle and Hyperion


The review showed that there was a mix of full and restricted rights within the Oracle products deployed, which would have exposed the client to potential massive overspend in misuse. Once identified the products were assigned specific licence types and moved from general use software so removing risk of using when not permitted. There was further risk to the client of license use if their decommissioning schedule was not adhered to, so this too was identified and flagged.

We approached Synyega as we needed specialist help to extract us from the onerous ULAs we were trapped into. They helped us to identify the next steps to save money ongoing with our software by advising us on what we needed and more importantly didn’t need.
Head of IT

Be prepared

Don’t wait for an audit to review your estate. By reviewing the estate before an audit, the client saved money short and long term and is now effectively and efficiently licensed.


avoided if decommissioning timelines are adhered to


saved from dormant licences

Data is key

the only way to effectively license your needs are to know what you’re using and where

Unbiased advice backed by years of expertise

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