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How Synyega reviewed an estate for a client and helped them drop their licensing renewal invoice by 84%

Review of Java Licensing and non-compliance


The client was presented with a $500K invoice in order to avoid non-compliance following changes to Java licensing. Synyega were asked to measure Java usage and reduce cost requirements. This was not a straightforward proposition and meant collecting data from a mix of sources and then analysing this with our Java methodology.


Review & Optimise








By performing the holistic review of the Java deployed on the End-User estate, licence requirements for a third of the devices could be removed as they could have their licence requirements covered off by existing licences from other major vendors, such as Oracle and SAP. Finally, Synyega identified that the customer could save USD 380K by licensing per Named User Plus the remaining devices. An additional USD 40K could be saved by moving to an alternative Java distribution.

Synyega’s work provided us with crystal clear insight into our Oracle estate. With their expert help, we were able to take simple steps to reduce costs and optimise our existing agreements.
Head of IT

84% cost reduction

By pushing back on the initial non-compliance claim and careful data collection we saved the client 84% on costs.




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