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Selling your surplus Microsoft Licenses

Increase your upgrade budget by selling your surplus licenses

If you’re looking to migrate from your current on premise software estate into the Cloud you know how important it is to know exactly what licenses you have and how those licenses are being used by your team. Knowing this is critical to successfully planning and optimising your cloud migration, but are you aware that it can also give you additional budget to fund your upgrades?

Once your migration to the Cloud is planned and you know your transformation plan, you may have perpetual licenses that are now surplus to your requirements, as the majority of Microsoft cloud licensing is on a subscription model only. Interestingly the overlicensing position does more likely exist for the majority of application licenses with effectiveness of the new agreement because of the chosen Cloud products.

These licenses belong to you, and if you fulfil four key criteria you can sell them and get a return on your initial investment, rather than having to write it off as lost revenue.


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